WordPress 3.1

Yesterday saw the release of WordPress 3.1 and it has some pretty nice features for both general users and developers like myself.

New Admin Bar
An admin bar has been added when logged in. Its a nice little touch for the not so experienced wordpress user. It makes the admin section and the front end appear more seamless by allowing you to click through to create a new post, manage your personal details, appearance, comments and updates whilst browsing the front end of your site. For multisite users it makes switching between sites quick and easy.

Internal Linking
Another new feature aimed at the less experienced wordpress user is the new internal linking feature. When a user clicks on the link icon in the WYSISYG editor a lightbox opens with additional functionality to select from a pre populated list of the most recently created posts or search for one. The user can then simply select the post to link to and add it to their content. Simple.

Post Formats
The ability to categorize posts in a new way has been added to this release. Post formats allow wordpress developers to group posts into the following formats:
aside, gallery, link, image, quote, status, video, audio and chat. Once categorized classes are added to the listing and single pages to allow unique styling. See my post on “How to use Post Formats in WordPress 3.1”  for more info.

Enhanced pagination in Admin Panel
Paging through lots of posts and categories has just become easier with the ability to type in the page you want within the pagination.

Custom Post Type Archives
Custom post types now have their own archive pages. They will now use archive-{posttype}.php rather than a page that is manually set up to list postypes on.

Advanced Queries
More ways to target posts using taxonomies and custom fields. See query_posts for more information.


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