The Curious Caterpillar is Launched!

Over the last few months I have been designing and building an ecommerce site for for my sister in laws party bag company. The site is now live at:

The Curious Caterpillar

The Brief

The brief for this project was to redesign and rebuild The Curious Caterpillar site. Their current site was not functioning as required and was far from user friendly with a design that required left and right scrolling for 1024×768 users and lots of clicks for users before they could locate the desired product.



The Solution

I designed a site that was more user friendly and had bundles more fun. The site was built using cubecart,PHP, XHTML and CSS. I have had several oportunities to use cubecart prior to this project and find it one of the easiest shops to theme and build, and one of the few that adhears to web standards.

The caterpillar is featured across the site (on top of the shopping basket, on the titles and progress bar for the shopping cart.) to reinforce the branding.

Home Page:

Home Page

Product Detail Page:

Product Page

Progress Bar:



This site has been a real pleasure to work on, its allowed me to be really creative with their identity , and was an excellent opportunity to brush up on my cubecart skills.


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