Blurb Photo Books

I recently sent off for a book from blurb of my holiday in Hawaii. I am really pleased with how it turned out. I would certainly recommend them. I definatley think its the way to go rather than big old photo albums. My future travels are going to look great all lined up on my shelf.

Blurb Book

(Sorry about the pic it was taken on my iphone! Not the best quality in the world)

Apple iphone

I have picked myself up this wonderful little piece of technology! I was a bit dubious at first when I heard there was no picture messsaging. But I have to say it is the best gadget ever! I love the freedom of using the web wherever I am, and the apps are rolling out all the time! If you know of a good app to download let me know! My top 10 are: Twitterific, Google Earth, Bookmarks for Delicious, WordPress, Facebook,, Tube Status, Labyrinth, Fring and BBCiplayer (although not strictly an app but it has a shiny bookmark icon).