Jack Frost came to visit!

Everything seemed to be going so well. My tomatoes and runner beans were dominating my cold frames and what with peppers, chillies, aubergines and cucumbers all demanding room, I decided to take a calculated risk and plant some outside. After all it has been the hottest April on record.

But the calculated risk didn’t pay off… 2 days after planting them out and only a few weeks after sun damage. Frost sneaked up on me and claimed them. So I thought I’d share a pic or two of what frost damage looks like. Guess I need to exercise a little more patience and wait a few more weeks before planting any more out.

Tomatoes on the left, Runner Beans on the right.

Leaf Cutting Bee Cocoons… or so I think??

I started to repot my tomato plants and as I tipped out the compost these little fellows fell out. They are intricately formed bullet shaped cocoons with perfectly cut rose leaves to seal the ends. Inside there is a clear looking wet grub. After a quick google I found that these cocoons are most likely to belong to a Leaf Cutting Bee.

See more info here:


I gently placed them back inside a pot of compost in the hope that they will eventually hatch.