Patchwork Quilt


I recently finished a patchwork quilt. It was my first attempt and thanks to online tutorials and a bit of creative licence I am quite with how it turned out. Hopefully it wont fall apart on the first wash!

Below are some of the links for the tutorials I followed, along with links to shops where I purchased the pretty fabric:

Sheep Mobile

sheep mobilesheep mobile

I have been busy on the crafting front. I designed and made this sheep mobile over a number of weeks ready for the new arrival.

Knitting Window Installation

I was shopping in Oxford Street one evening last week when I spotted this…


Claire Nixon is the lovely lady knitting away in this live installation at Oasis. As it says in the first picture. “By the end of this week, Claire will have been lovingly hand knitting for 7 days and will have made a giant scarf over 5 metres in length!”

I think the window was a really nice idea. It looked great and certainly drew my attention to Oasis. Claire’s work is also fascinating, you can read more about her on her website and admire her chunky knitting. 🙂

Art, Craft and Sculpture Fair at Hylands Park

This weekend Hylands Park hosted an Art, Craft and Sculpture fair. Unlike other fairs I’ve been to recently, I was really impressed. There were multiple tents with lots of different craft demonstrations. See below some pics of my favourites.

I think the most impressive of all the crafts I saw at the fair had to be this one. Paul Hornby delicately cuts away at old coins to create intricate jewellery. It was just fascinating to watch.

Another of my favourites was Martin Green and his Victorian circular knitting machine. With the twirl of a handle the machine quickly churned out meters of knitting. Its fascinating to see old machinery preserved and still in use today.

The guys from Stokes of England gave me an excellent demonstration of heating up iron and shaping it on the anvil.

I loved seeing the wood carvers with their chain saws carving away at big chunks of wood. It really is a great skill to be able to carve using a chain saw, you would think that you would struggle to get such precision.



Distracted yet again from the fabric I bought in … I started to cut lots of different sized snowflakes out of paper. I then tied these altogether with white cotton and hung them in long chains vertically down my french doors. They look pretty cool.
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Wedding Cakes

My sister-in-law and I took on the brave challenge of making my wedding cake. We wanted to try something that would look a little different and be a little bit of a challenge. My sister-in-law took on the baking and plain icing and I set about piping all the flowers and wrapping in ribbons. Im not sure we will be doing it again in a hurry but they looked really great on the day, so it was worth it in the end.

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Exquizite Stationery

In preperation for the craft fair we will be taking part in at Cressing Temple Barns, Essex. I have prepared some business cards to hand out and stickers to place on the purchased and wrapped jewellery. I am quite pleased with the final product. I have really enjoyed branding this small venture.