Renegade Craft Fair, London 2011

This weekend I went to the Renegade Craft Fair on Brick Lane. It was their first ever London event and it was brilliant. Its one of the best craft fairs I have been to in a long time. Every single stool was full of really nice handmade things. All the crafts were modern and really reasonably priced. I had to hold back the temptation to spend lots of money.



There was a free felt making class courtsey of The Make Lounge. The Make Lounge do a variety of evening classes that I have always fancied doing. Hopefully one day I will get round to doing a real one 🙂 It was my first attempt at felting and I quite enjoyed it although the little fox I made must have taken an hour in total. Felting involves jabbing a needle repeatedly into hair like material until it starts to matt together. You shape your creation by turning the matted felt and making some areas denser than others.

Art, Craft and Sculpture Fair at Hylands Park

This weekend Hylands Park hosted an Art, Craft and Sculpture fair. Unlike other fairs I’ve been to recently, I was really impressed. There were multiple tents with lots of different craft demonstrations. See below some pics of my favourites.

I think the most impressive of all the crafts I saw at the fair had to be this one. Paul Hornby delicately cuts away at old coins to create intricate jewellery. It was just fascinating to watch.

Another of my favourites was Martin Green and his Victorian circular knitting machine. With the twirl of a handle the machine quickly churned out meters of knitting. Its fascinating to see old machinery preserved and still in use today.

The guys from Stokes of England gave me an excellent demonstration of heating up iron and shaping it on the anvil.

I loved seeing the wood carvers with their chain saws carving away at big chunks of wood. It really is a great skill to be able to carve using a chain saw, you would think that you would struggle to get such precision.