My Grey Bedroom

After being inspired by grey bedrooms a few months back.  Heres how mine turned out…

Ikea dressing table and stool. Mirror from The Range, Handles from Zara Home

1. Door Handles from Zara Home
2. Bed Linen from Ikea
3. Grey Throw from John Lewis
4. Cushions handmade in Nepal


  1. Great inspiration! Where did you get your bed from – the wood contrasts really well with the grey.

    Emily - 11 Aug 2011
  2. I’ve had the pine bed for ages. I actually really wanted to change it for a white metal bed but I haven’t seen one I really like. There is still a lot I would like to do to the room. I would like a bigger mirror, some little wicker baskets and maybe some mustard cushions. All in good time though. Thanks for your comment 🙂

    Hannah - 11 Aug 2011
  3. was the ikea furniture already grey? and if so do they have wardrobes in the same design? thanks

    vicky - 09 Nov 2011
  4. Yep it was. You can find the wardrobe here:

    Hannah - 26 Nov 2011
  5. Hi Hannah,
    Love how your room came out. so serene.
    I was wondering if you happen to remember the name of the grey chest of drawers that you bought from Ikea. I can’t find them on line.

    Thanks much!

    catalina cohn - 03 Apr 2012
  6. Hi. Ive just had a look on the Ikea website/Catalogue and I can’t see the furniture anymore. Sorry I cant remember the name of the collection. I did see a couple of items in the Lakeside Ikea Store a week ago, but not all so they may have begun to discontinue the range 🙁

    Hannah - 15 Apr 2012

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