Ideal Home Show 2011

This Sunday we visited the Ideal Home Show to get some inspiration for our new house. Having never been before I wasn’t sure what to expect. Maybe I set my expectations a little to high but I was hoping for lots of stools selling interior accessories that I wouldn’t be able to resist. I guess I wanted to go there and come home with my arms full as if having been to Ikea or John Lewis for the afternoon, or at least with a wish list.

I have to say we were slightly disappointed. There was of course lots of stools but not really selling what I had in mind. The show homes were definitely the best part of the show, however they had long ques so we only went into two. I’m glad I went I feel slightly inspired, but I think its one of those shows you only need to attend once.

Ideal Home Inspiration

Sack Chair – Would look great in the corner of a kitchen & Rustic painted sideboard and folded paper artwork. Both on display in the Princes Show Home.

Amazing meringues and macaroons – Make me want to make my own


  1. My wife and I also went for the first time and I agree it wasn’t the kind of exhibition you could come back from with a load of new home additions. But we’re soon looking to put our house on the market so we got some pretty good ideas on how to improve our current house valuation. But I agree it was more of an inspiration day than a day of shopping to be honest.

    Dave - 22 Mar 2011

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