My Chillies are Ripening!!

Back in September I dug up my chilli plants to pot them and move them inside whilst I went to India. I figured that they had no chance of ripening outside so rather than come back to find a dead plant, I would experiment with them inside.

Now in December with snow on the ground outside my chillies have sprung to life. They are ripening by the day and just as I was about to give up it looks like I will be able to pick them soon after all!

Our First Swedes

Even though it’s like the Arctic in Essex at the moment, we decided to brave the elements and dig up our first swedes of the season. They tasted great but could be better so we are going to leave the rest to suffer a few more frosts. They look good though!

Delhi to Kathmandu Adventure

Taj Mahal

Trip Overview

  • Day 1 Delhi – India Gate and Connaught Place.
  • Day 2-3 Jaipur – Palace of the Winds and Amber Palace.
  • Day 4 Agra – Agra Fort and Taj Mahal
  • Day 5-6 Orchha -Orchha Palace Complex
  • Day 7-8 Varanasi River Ganges at sunrise and sunset.
  • Day 9 Bhairawa/Lumbini, India/Nepal Border – Buddha’s birthplace.
  • Day 10-11 Chitwan National Park -Elephant Breeding Center
  • Day 12-13 Pokhara Sarangkot
  • Day 14 Kathmandu & Bhaktupur

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Ping London!

100 Ping Pong tables have been placed around London for all to enjoy as part of Ping London. Ive been heading down to the Portobello Green table at lunch with a few Pod1 Colleagues. See us in action below…

Paris 2010

Last weekend I went to Paris for a short break. As usual I crammed in as much sightseeing as possible but enjoyed every minute…

Trip Summary:

Day 1: The Louvre , The Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Sainte-Chapelle
Day 2: St-Pierre-de-Montmartre, Centre Pompidou
Day 3: Bike Riding, The Eiffel Tower

Accommodation: St Christopher’s Inn, Hostel
Overview: The bike hire scheme has to be the highlight of the trip, we had great fun exploring Paris on wheels and would recommend it to anyone.

Leaf Cutting Bee Cocoons… or so I think??

I started to repot my tomato plants and as I tipped out the compost these little fellows fell out. They are intricately formed bullet shaped cocoons with perfectly cut rose leaves to seal the ends. Inside there is a clear looking wet grub. After a quick google I found that these cocoons are most likely to belong to a Leaf Cutting Bee.

See more info here:

I gently placed them back inside a pot of compost in the hope that they will eventually hatch.

Google PAC-MAN

I love google homepages. They are always really creative, original and a great way to learn about special days in the year.

This one however has to be my all time favourite. Its PAC-MAN’s 30th Birthday and to celebrate they have designed a google game for everyone to enjoy. Its great and even has an insert coin button for two players. Enjoy Everyone!

Brooklyn Flea Market

I visited the Brooklyn Flea Market during my final weekend in New York. Having never been to a flea market before I wasnt quite sure what to expect. I mean I obviously knew there would be stools selling antiques and nick-nacks, but when I walked through the iron gates to the market I was very excited. There were hundreds of books to flick through, boxes and boxes of goodies to delve through and old style maps everywhere. Every stool told a story I could have been there all day rumaging though each stool.

Norway 2010

Last week we went for a long weekend in Norway. We really enjoyed it, although I wouldnt necessarily rush back. Too expensive!

Trip Itinerary:

  • Day 1: Oslo – City Sightseeing
  • Day 2: Tromso – City Sightseeing and Northern Lights Trip
  • Day 3: Tromso – Dog Sledging
  • Day 4: Bergen – City Sightseeing

We arranged the whole trip ourselves booking flights, accomodation and trains in advance to keep the costs down.
Tromso was probably the highlight of the trip because of the Northern lights and Dog Sledging 🙂

Vietnam Roads!!

This was our first experience crossing the road in Vietnam. I look slightly ridiculous and clearly a little nervous, but once you have learnt the trick of slow walking and ignoring all the bikes. Every road is a piece of cake! You certainly would be on the pavement a long time if you ever waited for a gap!

Video taken by Laura. Our fellow Gap Adventurer.

Shutter Priority Photography in New York

I recently visited New York for a weekend break. I dont have an SLR camera (although id love one) but I do have a reasonably decent compact, Canon Powershot A700. What I like about this camera is its easy to carry around but it still has quite a few manual features to experiment with. I am quite pleased how these two pics turned out. See more on my flickr account.

New York

Times Square

Top of the Rock