Leaf Cutting Bee Cocoons… or so I think??

I started to repot my tomato plants and as I tipped out the compost these little fellows fell out. They are intricately formed bullet shaped cocoons with perfectly cut rose leaves to seal the ends. Inside there is a clear looking wet grub. After a quick google I found that these cocoons are most likely to belong to a Leaf Cutting Bee.

See more info here:


I gently placed them back inside a pot of compost in the hope that they will eventually hatch.


  1. I recently experienced a leaf cutting bee the hard way! I had left my gloves on the back porch & went to retrieve them for a job at hand, I started to place one glove on when all of a sudden I was stung by something from inside one of the finger compartments. Later on after inspecting what was inside , & the help of your pictures, we came to the conclusion that indeed we had encountered the leaf cutting bee 🙂

    Rene' Furtado - 16 Jun 2011

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